Don't Drive A Rust Bucket: Protecting Your Vehicle From Rust

Your car isn't just a significant financial investment, it's also something you want to be proud of. If you own a vehicle that has been overtaken by rust, you're probably not very proud of your car. While rust is a serious problem, it's an issue that can be fixed. Knowing how to prevent and repair rust can help you protect your vehicle and keep it looking great. 


It's important to understand that rust is a sign of deterioration. It never simply appears on your vehicle, but is instead the result of some other underlying issue. One of the most common culprits is the salt used to melt snow and ice.

This salt contains electrolytes that slowly break down any surface they are attached to. When you drive through the salt-treated snow, it can adhere to your vehicle, and the electrolytes remain on your car, breaking down the surface. Additionally, if you live near a large body of saltwater, the high salt content in the humidity can also produce electrolytes that cause the same type of process to occur.

Preventing Rust

Preventing rust ultimately begins with you being a responsible vehicle owner. While you can't always avoid driving in the snow or moving to an area with less salt in the humidity, you can keep your vehicle clean. The more frequently you clean your vehicle, the less damaging effect the salt will have on it. It's generally best to clean your vehicle at least once per week, cleaning both the exterior and underside of the vehicle. If your vehicle has come in contact with road salt, it's best to clean your vehicle immediately after the snow melts and the roads are clear.

The Solution

An auto body repair shop can make the rust on your vehicle a thing of the past. If the area of rust is small, a repair technician may be able to sand the area down, removing the rust. Next, they can apply a body filler to help re-fill the area that was just removed. The area can be then painted to match the rest of your vehicle. For larger areas of rust, a complete panel replacement is typically the best option. The repair technician will replace the damaged part of the vehicle with a panel. After installation, the panel can be primed and painted.

Don't let rust ruin your vehicle. Take steps to prevent rust and have any existing rusted surfaces repaired at an auto body repair shop.