How The Body Shop Returns Your Car To That Showroom Look

When you take your mangled car to a paint and body shop like Franks Auto Body Inc, there are a number of steps they go through to make it look new again. The repairs are not just cosmetic, but they often affect the safety of your car. Here is what happens to your car as it makes its way through the various steps of getting repaired and painted.

Shop Inspection

The initial inspection you received was a good estimate of the work that needs to be done. Once your car is in the shop, a more detailed inspection occurs to make sure they know every screw, bolt and connector that needs to be replaced. This will rarely result in a difference in repair costs because the screeners who first looked at your car have resources that tell them what components likely need to be replaced for a specific type of body damage.

Structural Repairs Are Done First

The damaged parts are removed from your car and any issues with the frame are addressed. A frame that is twisted or bent from impact must be straightened so replacement parts will fit properly. A straight frame is necessary for your car to track properly on the road. A crooked frame puts stress on your engine, transmission and tires.

Body Panel Repairs

Small dents in metal panels can be pulled out flush with the panel. Composite panels must be replaced completely. Trim pieces and bumpers will be attached after the car is painted. From here, your car is moved into the painting area.

Paint and Touch-up

The car is given a quick wash. A chemical wash may be used to get rid of oil, grease, and other materials on the body that may prevent the paint from sticking. Parts of the car are masked to make cleanup easier after painting. The car is now moved into the painting booth.

The paint is applied in layers. Each layer is allowed to dry before the next one is applied. To get the high gloss look of a showroom car, the layers must be sanded lightly between coats. Some finishes require several layers of sanding and painting.

After the final layer has dried, the masking is removed and any overspray cleaned off. Paint touch-ups may be needed on places such as door edges.

Final Touches

Trim piece are cleaned, polished and attached to the car. The car is given one more wash and is waxed. The shop manager will inspect the final work. When they are happy with the results, you'll get a call to pick up the car.