Protecting Your Vehicle On A Summer Roadtrip

Each summer, nearly two-hundred million Americans go on vacation. Of this group, more than 40% of these people plan to take their vacation in the form of a road-trip. If you're planning a road-trip this summer, it's imperative that you know how to protect your vehicle from damage. Here are a handful of tips to set you on the right track.

Plan Your Route Wisely

Make it a point to plan your route wisely. This is particularly important when it comes to traffic. Try not to travel during periods of heavy traffic. Given the increased number of drivers on the road, your elevated stress levels and your inability to react as quickly as you could when there were fewer cars on the road, the risk of being involved in a collision is higher in heavy traffic than it is in lighter traffic.

When planning your route avoid morning and afternoon rush hours and construction zones so that you don't find yourself in unnecessary traffic.  

Scope Out The Parking Lot

While on your trip, when it comes time to select a hotel, take a few seconds to scope out the parking lot first. Is the size of the parking lot comparable to the size of the hotel? A large hotel with a small lot is a problem not just because it will be more challenging to find a spot. With a small lot, people are more likely to cram their vehicles in any space they can find. This type of pattern increases the likelihood of your vehicle getting dinged from a car that is parked too closely. It's best to look for a parking lot that has plenty of space to prevent this type of damage.

Wash Your Vehicle

Being on summer vacation is not an excuse to not wash your vehicle. It's actually a good idea to wash your vehicle if you're going on an extended road-trip. When driving a considerable distance, you can expect your vehicle to come in contact with bird droppings, tree sap, road dust, rain and most importantly, bugs.

The chemical makeup of these objects paired with the intense heat from the sun in the summer can lead to paint damage. Washing your vehicle frequently keeps these objects from settling on your vehicle and causing damage.

Don't let vehicle damage put a damper on your summer road trip. Make certain you are making an effort to minimize damage. However, should the unexpected occur, make sure you take your vehicle in for collision repair to a company like Lombard Body & Fender Inc  as soon as you return home.