Stopping Your Vehicle When Your Brakes Fail

If you find yourself in a predicament where your brakes do not effectively work in slowing your vehicle when you press down on the brake pedal, steps will need to be taken quickly to get yourself and your vehicle to a safe stop. Knowing how to react in a non-brake situation can be very important in keeping you from becoming injured. Here are some steps you can take in an attempt to bring your vehicle to a complete stop so you can get it to a repair shop for an evaluation promptly.

Use The Emergency Braking System

All vehicles have a back-up braking system available to use for times when the main braking system is not working properly. The emergency brake is also often used by drivers when they park on a hill to give their vehicle added security so it does not roll away from the location. The emergency brake is usually located on the bottom of your dashboard area where it can be grabbed quickly. Gently pull on the lever so your vehicle's back-end does not swing out quickly as you bring your vehicle to a stop.

Pump On The Brake Pedal

Sometimes brake fluid will be obstructed from routine flow through the brake lines if an air bubble becomes trapped within the liquid. This can cause the brakes to fail as the fluid would not make its way to them as needed. To dislodge a bubble, pumping the brake pedal will push it back and forth so liquid can be directed to its destination. If you have a vehicle with an automatic braking system, push down on the brake pedal until you feel some resistance then remove your foot from the pedal. Your vehicle's computer system will then pump the brakes for you in an attempt to push the fluid through the lines.

Use Lower Gears To Slow Down And Stop

If you do not slow down when pushing on your brake pedal, consider downshifting your vehicle into a lower gear. This will automatically slow your vehicle down, helping you to increase your reaction time as a result. If possible, steer your vehicle toward an area with an incline. This will also be an effective way in slowing your vehicle. Direct your vehicle toward the shoulder of the road and downshift once again to the neutral setting. This will cause your vehicle to roll backward if you are located on an incline. Carefully maneuver your vehicle backward to flat ground so it comes to a complete stop.

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