Need Collision Repair? Know These 4 Things

Did you get into a car accident that caused significant body damage to your vehicle? If so, you're going to want to have the car repaired so that it looks like it did before the accident. Here are some things to know about getting collision repair done on your vehicle. 

Consider Non OEM Parts

If you have to pay for your repairs out of pocket, consider getting replacement parts that are not the original ones from the manufacturer. Your body shop could help you save some money by getting you replacement auto body parts from a third party and look just as good. Always ask about what parts your body shop plans to use on your vehicle, and if there are other options for you.

Use Your Insurance Company's Approved Vendors

If you are using insurance to pay for the repairs, know that you may be limited in which vendor you can visit to have the repairs done. Even if you have a favorite body shop, you may be given a choice of a few body shops in your area. The benefit of using one of the approved body shops is that you know the prices of the repairs are agreed on with your insurance provider, and that you won't have any additional out-of-pocket costs. If you pick your own body shop, you may only receive a certain amount of reimbursement, and if it ends up costing more money, you'll pay that yourself.

Know That DIY Repairs Are Difficult

If you think you can save money by doing the repairs on your own, know that it will be much harder than you think. Even something as simple as matching the paint on your vehicle can cause the car to look a bit of when you are finished. If you want the job done correctly, it is always worth going to a body shop to have the repairs done by a professional. 

Get Repairs Done Right Away

If you have damage to your vehicle that still allows you to drive it, you may put off having the repairs done for a while. Remember that waiting could cause the damage to get worse. Chipped paint can cause rust to get into that part of the body, making a simple repair of removing a dent and repainting into a task that requires sanding down a large area of the car body. If you get the repairs done right away they are more likely to be cheaper to fix.

Talk to a collision repair center today for more information on parts available to you.