Measures To Take After Your Car Has Been Damaged In An Accident

If you have been involved in an automotive accident, your car may have sustained substantial damage. The repairs that will be necessary due to the collision should be performed professionally. Nevertheless, immediately after an accident, you may be shaken up and uncertain of how to prepare for the repair process. Here are a few measures that you should take after your car has been damaged in an accident.

Take Photos

If you are physically capable of taking photos with your cell phone immediately following the accident, snap a few pictures. The photos can help document the damage if you plan to file a case with your insurance company.

Be sure to obtain the contact information of the other party involved in the collision and that of their insurer. If you are not at fault, the other driver's insurance may be responsible for covering the cost of the collision repair.

Get an Estimate

As soon as possible, get an estimate of the cost associated with the repair of your vehicle. The quote can help an insurer determine the proper amount to allow for the repairs. In some instances, an insurance company may request multiple quotes. Be sure that you only receive quotes from reputable collision repair shops.

During the assessment at a repair facility, technicians visually inspect the vehicle. As a result, the cost of the repair may grow once the work starts. Sometimes, there is extensive damage that is hidden from view but will be exposed during the repair process. If this occurs, the repair shop should contact you and the insurer so that the repair estimate can be adjusted.

Once the assessment is complete, the service center creates an estimate that can be sent to the insurance company. As the insurance company reviews all of the submitted quotes, they will consider the current value of your vehicle. In some cases, they will give you the option of writing off the vehicle because the cost of the repairs is greater than the value of the car or truck.

Plan for the Repairs to Take Time

The process required to restore a collision-damaged car may take weeks. You may want to consider renting or borrowing another vehicle as the damage is repaired.

If the repairs are only required for the body of the vehicle, you can expect the technicians to repair the frame and metal of the automobile before reassembling and refinishing the vehicle. Additionally, your car or truck will likely be detailed and cleaned before it is ready for pick up. The correction of other mechanical problems can extend the repair time.

If your car has been damaged in an accident, schedule a consultation with a local automotive collision repair shop.