The Services Offered By Collision Repair Shops

Surviving a collision is something to be thankful for, but the aftermath of such an incident often involves a lot of stress and inconvenience. For example, not only does an accident survivor have to take care of their medical needs if injuries were involved, but also may worry about future transportation. Even if a vehicle is not a total loss in a collision, the damage can be too severe for a driver to continue driving without putting their safety at risk. Going to a collision repair shop is an important step to take after getting into an accident, as vehicle damage can be more severe than what meets the eye. Collision repair shops offer a variety of services to accident victims, along with making vehicle repairs.

Interact with Insurance Companies

When a vehicle is covered by a full coverage insurance policy, a driver has the right to file a claim and get their vehicle repaired. In the case that a collision is caused by another driver, the victim can file a claim with the other driver's insurance provider. No matter how the file is claimed, a collision repair shop can assist with satisfying the needs of the insurance company. For example, a wrecked vehicle will be thoroughly inspected so a mechanic can inform the insurance company about the repair costs. If more damage is found after repairs begin, the mechanic will notify the insurance company about the extra expenses.

Make High-Quality Vehicle Repairs

The goal of collision repair mechanics is to return a vehicle to the condition it was in before the collision. However, a vehicle will usually be more valuable after repairs are made because new parts might be installed. The body of the vehicle will also be professionally painted, which includes removing old paint, priming the body, and matching the paint color to the original color. A vehicle owner also has the option of getting the vehicle's body painted a different color than the original color. Repairs that are not related to a collision can be performed at the same time, but might not be covered under the insurance policy.

Assist with Temporary Transportation

The staff at collision repair shops are aware that accident victims need temporary transportation while their vehicle is in the shop. If an accident victim does not have a secondary vehicle to use, a rental car can possibly be rented with help from the collision repair shop. For example, the collision repair shop might have an agreement with a car rental company to give accident victims a discount while their vehicle is in the shop. The services offered vary between collision repair shops. 

For more information, contact a local auto body collision repair shop.